A Holistic Approach to SaaS Growth – eBook

A holistic approach to growth eBook - Mukil Ganesan

In recent times, there has been a lot of clutter around the topic of Growth in SaaS companies. When I get to have conversations with founders, marketers, and growth professionals from across SaaS companies, everybody has one common goal – They wanted to strategically grow their business and work towards a healthy unit economics.

Growth is not only the responsibility of the sales, marketing, or the business development teams. It’s a shared responsibility of all the functions in an organization. A simple example to support this: If your product is not stable enough or if you have poor usability, users won’t care to evaluate and they would drop off within a day.

With rising competition in the SaaS industry, it’s crucial to build a long term growth strategy. You need to be aware that your competition is always there to poach your unhappy customers. In my previous eBook ‘The Elements of Growth’, I discussed the essential topics and frameworks required to set up your growth strategy.

In this eBook, I’ll be guiding you on how you can build a data-driven growth engine for your SaaS business and realize consistent growth. The strategies that you read here have been proven to work in SaaS companies and I’ve personally implemented most of them.

The eBook is also available for Kindle. Download here.

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