I'm a data-driven person with a curiosity to learn and excel across verticals of business, marketing, arts, and technology. I enjoy working with teams and fond of guiding youngsters. The perseverant attitude of mine has allowed me to reach and adapt to multiple facets of life.

I'm a strong believer in self and I truly advocate the fact that you're possible of doing anything if you put your heart and mind into it.

In Medium, I write about marketing, growth, business, and technology. I manage a Medium publication - The SaaS Marketer.

I'm a non-fiction reader with interests in history, economics, entrepreneurship, and biographies. I might have some book recommendations for you.

The Muse Within is a personal blog of mine which I've been maintaining for a couple of years. I write on multiple topics.

At Behance, you'd get to see my digital artworks. I have an affinity to graphic design and illustrations. I try to complete a minimum of one project each month.

Mukil Ganesan photography showcases the images which I've shot throughout my wedding photography journey.

Join me in a jog or a cycle ride. Staying active makes you stress free and clears you off negativity. Get on Strava and lets share some kudos!

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