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A famous quote from Napolean Hill goes like this,

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

I’ve found myself content when I help others to move closer to their dreams. Over the years, I’ve been consistently training myself on various domains of business, arts, language, and technology and I’d be very glad to share my experiences with you, and guide you through your journey.

Let’s join hands and blaze our trails together!

Collaboare with Mukil Ganesan


I’ve been a digital marketer for 3+ years, and I’m working for a product based software company based out of India. In recent times, I’m specializing in growth, learning and testing out strategies that deliver positive impacts for the business.

Mukil Ganesan Business


From running a service based business in college to working as an intrapreneur, I’ve always been fascinated about building profitable businesses. Strategic thinking, innovative business plans, and team building always ignites a spark in me.


Being an early adopter to blogging platforms, writing has been an integral part of me. It helped me land my first job. I manage a couple of blogs and write about marketing, business, and lifestyle.


I got a flare for photography early in my school days. I’m a self-taught events and travel photographer based out of Chennai. Candid photography is my line of expertise.


Years back, my alternate career option was to turn into a graphic designer. A hobby transformed into a freelancing career. My freelancing days taught a lot about business and managing finances.

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The ability to mingle my experiences in marketing, business, arts, and language has helped me to guide and work with people across backgrounds. You might be a student, a working professional, or a curious passerby who wants to have a great conversation. Get in touch with me today, I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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