Roles in a SaaS Growth Team

roles in a saas growth team - mukil ganesan

As Brian says, growth teams are highly agile and data-driven. Let’s have a look at the ideal roles and responsibilities of members of the growth team.

Growth Product Manager
The product manager should be the one to direct the team members and plays a key role in prioritizing, assigning, and executing the tasks.

Growth Marketer
The growth marketer should be an expert in multiple marketing channels, segments, and will work on improving the marketing KPIs.

Growth Engineer
The growth engineer will be a highly skilled, go-to person for executing the growth tasks that require engineering effort.

Data Analyst
While all the members of the growth team need to be analytics savvy, a data analyst would be instrumental in gathering, preparing, and analyzing the data to derive insights.

Visual Designer
The visual designer will handle the design aesthetics for the product UI and marketing collateral.

In the next topic, we’ll be looking at the Growth team’s operational model.

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