An Introduction to Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Mukil Ganesan - Social Media Marketing

I bet you cannot imagine a world without social media in the 21st Century. People irrespective of the demographics use social media on a regular basis to share and consume information.

This domain of the internet has grown rapidly in the last decade and is estimated to cross 3 Billion by the end of 2021.

SaaS companies mainly use Social Media for –

1. Lead generation.
2. Keep their users stay updated about the product/service.
3. Customer support
4. Branding

Lead generation is a challenge when it comes to any social media platform. The first step to getting traction in social media is to build your audience. This is a time-consuming and a costly affair but totally worth in the long run. The engagements increase gradually with more number of followers. Having said that, let’s go through some of the proven social media platforms for organic lead generation. (We’ll be publishing the SMM strategies in a separate post).


This 14-year-old Social Media platform is one of the most popularly used channels for lead generation. The usage stats of Facebook are mind-blowing. The below chart shows the Monthly Active Users (MAUs) since Q3 2018.

You can see the exponential growth in the past 10 years. With the right strategies, marketers can take the advantage of tapping into Facebook to generate quality leads for their business.

Imagine seeking the attention of millions of potentials from a single platform, nurturing them, and winning them as customers. This is possible with Facebook.


This social media platform for professionals has been a goldmine for B2B lead generation. Most of the businesses own a LinkedIn page. Individual professionals use LinkedIn to consume educational content, search for jobs, and stay updated about their network. Let’s have a look at the number of members on LinkedIn since Q1 2009.

According to a blog post by LinkedIn, it currently has more than 500 Million members across 200 Countries. LinkedIn continues to grow and it’s indeed a must-have in the SMM check-list.


The 12-year-old Social Media platform which made “#hashtags” a daily use in internet lingo, is one of the most accessed websites on the internet. Tweets are restricted to 280 characters in length (previously 140). The tricky part here is, marketers need to draft a resonating content within 280 characters to engage with their followers. Twitter is known famous for “breaking news”. Twitter has also been optimizing their platform for lead generation. Here are the MAU stats of Twitter.

The MAU of Twitter stands at 335 Million users. Twitter is yet another important platform for lead generation.


Instagram is the world’s most favorite photo/video sharing social media platform. Unlike the big boys, Instagram is a 7-year-old platform which has a high volume of active users. From teenagers to CEOs, Instagram is used by a vast demographic. Although the platform restricts sharing links in each post (verified handles can share links in their stories), marketers consider Instagram as a potential lead generation platform. Let’s take a look at the Monthly Active Users of Instagram.

Instagram recently crossed it’s 1 Billion MAU mark and it’s growing Month over Month (MoM). It’s evident that this is a great SMM platform that modern marketers should adapt.

Organic lead generation through social media platforms is a great challenge for marketers. However, once you’ve set up the right strategies and workflows, you’re all set to extract high quality leads, nurture, and close deals.

In this post, we’ve seen a brief introduction of the world’s most actively used SMM channels.