SaaS Retention Strategies

Customer retention is a continuous process, and it takes an enormous effort. Onboarding An exceptional onboarding flow for your new users would help them understand the product easily. Additionally, user onboarding facilitates product usage. The… Read More »SaaS Retention Strategies

The AARRR Growth Framework

Acquisition Where do you get your users from? (or) What’s the most successful channel through which you acquire users? What’s the channel with the minimum acquisition cost? The first stage is all about nailing these.… Read More »The AARRR Growth Framework

The SaaS Growth Cycle

The growth cycle is a simple model used by teams to operate in a planned manner. Data Analysis Analytics is the starting point of the growth activity cycle. The growth team needs to deeply analyze… Read More »The SaaS Growth Cycle

Product Market Fit (PMF)

What is one of the essential prerequisites you need to figure out before thinking about growth? It is the Product Market Fit (PMF). PMF means that your product satisfies the demands of that particular market.… Read More »Product Market Fit (PMF)

What is Growth?

Before we get into the nuances of SaaS growth. Let’s refresh our minds by understanding what growth is. Growth, in general, is “the process of increasing in amount, value, or importance.” From a business perspective,… Read More »What is Growth?