The SaaS Growth Cycle

saas growth cycle - mukil ganesan

The growth cycle is a simple model used by teams to operate in a planned manner.

Data Analysis
Analytics is the starting point of the growth activity cycle. The growth team needs to deeply analyze the data collected across teams and combine them together to uncover rich insights. This data can help you visualize user journey, identify KPIs, and discover critical points in your funnel.

From the insights derived from the data analysis, the team needs to list down the ideas for brainstorming. Members can debate on which plans will deliver the best results. After a thorough discussion, the team should come up with the hypothesis along with the action items.

This is one of the crucial phases in the growth cycle. The team can’t execute all the tasks at the same time. That’s a recipe for disaster. The tasks need to be listed down based on priority and owners are to be assigned for each of task.

Execution is the final stage. The growth team will be running various experiments and collecting data. An experiment might turn out to be a success or a failure. If the outcome meets your objective, it’s well and good. If not, you need to optimize by studying the inferences gained from data analysis.

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