The SaaS Growth Series

saas growth series - mukil ganesan

We all know the importance of growth for any business. When it comes to SaaS, the benefits of consistent growth is phenomenal. It takes an excellent growth team with a clear vision, along with a good understanding of the market, to fuel steady growth and customer retention.

However, setting up a growth team and accelerating growth is no easy feat. I’ve had the opportunity to work on driving growth for SaaS products from the early days of my career. When it comes to B2B SaaS, trust me, growth CANNOT be ‘hacked’ overnight.

It requires immense effort backed with systematic processes to realize continued growth. A considerable amount of time is needed to reap the desired results. Mistakes are prone to happen, and your efforts might fail.

Working with a group of smart professionals and gaining firsthand experience in building a growth engine from scratch definitely changed my perspective of growth in a business. I came to understand that generating revenue alone is not an indicator of growth, particularly in the SaaS space.

As a part of giving back to the community, I’ll be regularly emailing content related to SaaS Growth and at the end of the series, you’ll receive a free copy of my eBook.

The Email subscription to this series is now closed. Here’s the content from each day of the series.

Day 1: What is Growth?

Day 2: Product Market Fit (PMF)

Day 3: Three Pillars of SaaS Growth

Day 4: Roles in a SaaS Growth Team

Day 5: The SaaS Growth Cycle

Day 6: Important SaaS Growth Metrics

Day 7: The AARRR Growth Framework

Day 8: Retention as a Growth Engine

Day 9: SaaS Retention Strategies

Day 10: Conclusion


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