What is Growth?

What is growth - mukil ganesan

Before we get into the nuances of SaaS growth. Let’s refresh our minds by understanding what growth is.

Growth, in general, is “the process of increasing in amount, value, or importance.”

From a business perspective, growth is not just increasing sales or doubling marketing spend. The ability of a company to acquire new customers, expand to new horizons, scale operations, accelerate cash flow, increase profit margins, build loyalty over a period of time, are some of the indicators of growth.

What are some of the fundamental qualities and values a growth professional needs to develop?

-being passionate and committed towards the goal
-patience and persistence as it’s not going to be an easy ride
-willingness to listen, observe, learn, and unlearn
-being open to changes and new challenges
-strong knowledge about the market and your ideal buyer
-being strong enough to pull yourself and your team up, when things don’t go as planned

That’s a quick introduction to the basics. In the next post, we’ll dive deep and look at one of the essential prerequisites that you need to figure out before even thinking about Growth.

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